Creating a New Alphabet

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When I was a kid, my friends and I used to pass notes in class. Sometimes, to prevent the teachers from reading the notes, we used a a simple letter substitution cipher. A=Z, know, that sort of thing. We apparently thought that our teachers would never be able to decipher this fiendishly clever puzzle.

Most of you outgrew this of course. But not me. I loved, and still love, the idea of being able to write down my thoughts in a meeting without anyone else in the meeting being able to read what I was writing. For several years, I used to routinely take notes using the Cyrillic alphabet. Man, I wrote some pungent meeting notes, on occasion, too. Sadly, this ended when a Russian-speaking Polish woman joined our meetings. In looking for a replacement, I ran across an English script called Quickscript. I wrote about thatat the time, and made what I thought were some improvements on it.

I didn't stop there, however. First, I wasn't really satisfied with my first iteration of the script. Second, I've had this idea about a science-fiction story involving an alien race called the Danaans (duh-NAY-ans), and I went from noodling around with Quickscript to adapting some of its principles to create an entirely new alphabet for my aliens. In doing so, I wanted to expand on the principles I was using to improve Quickscript.

I messed around with it off and on for a while, but, eventually, I came up with my definitive Danaan alphabet.

I think I finally managed to create an alphabet that incorporates all of the principles I wanted to build into it that and makes logical sense. Best of all, I can take notes in meetings using it, and not even a pesky speaker of Slavic languages knows what I'm writing, when I jot down

I told you my meeting notes could be pungent.

Oh, and guess what? I created a TrueType font for this language, using the letters you can see in my alphabet chart, above. You can download it here, as a zipped TrueType font file.

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