2009 Sport Touring Shootout


Motorcycle.Com has just released this year’s comparo of the top sport touring motorcycles.  This year, they pit the BMW K1300GT, Yamaha FJR1300A, Kawasaki Concours14, and the venerable Honda ST1300 against each other.

They declare the top bike to be…

Objectively the BMW is the clear winner to us. It makes markedly more power than the others despite not having the biggest engine. Our experiences aboard all four left no question the big K bike is the quickest steering and provides excellent braking performance. It offers very good wind protection, great ergos, an adjustable seat and handlebars, possibly the best passenger perch and very good saddlebags, to name only a few high points.

I’ve never been aboard the St1300 or the C14, but after tiding a K13GT and owning an FJR, I’d pick the FJR any day.  I didn’t like the GT at all.

The RT, on the other hand, was a dream.

New Kid in Town

The Kneeslider is reporting that a new motorcycle manufacturer is about to appear on the horizon:  Motus American Motorcycles.

A brand new motorcycle company, right here in the U.S., has been operating under wraps for the past year and, with their permission, it’s now time to let all of you in on a very big breaking story, Motus American Motorcycles is well along in their development of an all new next-generation, sport-touring motorcycle with a proprietary V4 powertrain. Partners Lee Conn and Brian Case began one year ago, to design and manufacture a motorcycle, the type of motorcycle Brian wanted for himself but, he found, did not exist. This is a clean sheet design, fresh and new, not an old name brought back for another try.

Oh, really?  Well, tell me more!

Unfortunately, there’s not much more to tell.  The company web site is just a placeholder with a nice, but uninformative home page…and nothing else.

Brian Case, one of the Hotshots at Confederate, is one of the partners behind the new company.  He popped up in a post on Sport-Touring.Net to write:

Thanks for your interest guys, keep checking www.motusmotorcycles.com for updates. We are currently designing the engine and we hope to release details soon. This is no crazy science project. We’re just making an affordable bike with proven technology and a kick-ass engine. We’re going against the odds though, especially in America, so we need your support!!

For what it’s worth, you got it.  Now, show me the bike.  Even a concept drawing would be nice.