BMW R1200RT Second Thoughts

So, now that a day or two has gone by, I find myself having some second thoughts about the R1200RT test ride I took.  But, not second thoughts in the way you might expect.  What I keep remembering about the K1300GT is that when I went back into the dealership after my test ride, my first word to the salesman was, “Ick.”

Pure Bavarian Pleasure
Pure Bavarian black.

I really can’t get over how much I didn’t like that bike compared to the RT.  I came back from the RT test ride with a huge grin on my face.

And, keep in mind, I was the first person to take that bike on a ride.  It had 7 miles on the odometer, and brand new tires.  BMW hadn’t even given the clearance for that bike to be used as a test bike, though the dealer had submitted the paperwork.  The sales guy had to call the owner to get permission for me to take it out, which he graciously granted.

So, I didn’t really get to wind the bike up to see what it would do.  I kept the RPMs down below 5k (though my understanding is that is where the bike really takes off)m and I had to keep it very restrained in the twisty segment I took it on, because of the new tires.

And I still came back with this big, old, stupid grin on my face.

So, my second thoughts have really been on the order of:

1. I don’t need the crappy 30-watt BMW stereo for $2,000.  For $400-$500, I can get an audio shop to stick in some marine speakers, a hefty amp, and hookups for my portable XM unit and iPod.

2. The dyno results for the stock RTs I’ve seen show that they have about 102HP at the rear wheel, and about 80 lb/ft of torque.  So, let’s say I put a high capacity K&N filter and a Remus or Staintune full exhaust.  What will that get me?  Maybe 107HP and 83 lb/ft of torque?  Is it worth the 1300 bucks?  I dunno.

3.  What would the bike feel like if I could ride out with my regular FJR style?  Would it feel wimpy in comparison?  Again, I dunno, but I’d like to find out.

Still, even with the relatively sedate paces I put it through, I really liked it far better than the GT.

I’m thinking black would be the best color…