Dealers Fined

Here in California, there are a few state agencies you really don’t want to cross if you’re a business.  One of them is the State Board of Equalization, the agency that handles sales taxation.  But perhaps even more dreadful is the California Air Resources Board.  Two motorcycle dealerships here in San Diego are learning that the hard way.

GP Motorcycles of San Diego and Moto Forza will each pay $90,000 in fines, according to CARB.

ARB investigators following up on a tip received in 2006 confirmed that GP Motorcycles and Moto Forza were selling Husqvarna off-road motorcycles illegally converted to street-legal models.

According to the ARB, many of the bikes were outfitted with so-called “street legal” kits, which are illegal in California.

California has its own, special environmental requirements that are different from the other 49 states.  That’s the reason why the Versys was initially unavailable in California, and it took an extra year or two get it certified here.  In any event, the penalties don’t just extend to the dealers.  The purchasers have to toe the line as well.

The CARB revoked the registrations for the motorcycles. The owners were told to turn in their license plates and get off-road stickers and plates.

So, they bought what they thought were street legal dual-sports, and now they have to license them for off-road use only.  I suspect that they will be asking for some recompense from GP and Moto Forza.

Interestingly, the dealers are the two local dealers for Italian bikes.