A cylinder for each wheel

Can-Am gives the 2014 Spyder a triple

I have a soft spot for the Can-Am Spyder. Back when the original Spyder was announced, I was able to get a ride on one—even before they were publically available—after years of not having ridden a motorcycle. I didn’t even have a motorcycle license then, but, fortunately, California doesn’t require one to ride trikes. After my ride, I was so pleased with the experience, I got my motorcycle license back, and bought a motorcycle—though not a Spyder. But it was the vehicle that got me back into motorcycling, so I’ve always loved it.

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Can Am Spyder RT First Ride

Motorcycle-USA has gotten hold of a brand new 2010 Can Am Spyder RT and taken it out for a spin.  Not only that, but Adam Waheed has kindly furnished us with a ride report.

Like nearly everyone else who has ridden the Spyder, the big thing to get used to is cornering.  Other than that, Waheed seems to like it.  Especially the monstrous amount of cargo space than it offers for touring.

One of my favorite features on the Spyder RT is its sheer amount of cargo capacity. There are a total of five storage areas (hood, trunk, right/left side hard cases, and small cockpit glove box) that allow you to tote a tremendous amount of gear with you. Even better is the optional Spyder RT travel luggage (with roller wheels and handle) that neatly fits right into the compartment allowing for seamless luggage removal when you arrive at your destination. And for those who literally want to bring their kitchen sink with them, Can-am offers a pull-behind trailer with a whopping 164-gallon capacity. It’s so big that I could literally sleep in it! The trailer features independent coil-over suspension, aluminum wheels, carpet, interior lighting and separate front and rear lid access. Furthermore the trailer is set-up to work in conjunction with its VSS and can be color-matched to your Spyder.

And, of course, with an automatic tranny, electric windscreen, ABS brakes, and stereo, you’ve got about all the comfort features you could want, too.

2010 Can Am-Spyder RT, with optional trailer.
2010 Can Am-Spyder RT, with optional trailer.

If the Spyder doesn’t have enough room to take along everything you need for a trip, then you just aren’t doing it right.


2010 Can-Am Spyder RT


It was a test ride of the original, pre-production Can-Am Spyder that got me back into motorcycling a few years ago, after a long hiatus.  So, it’s nice to see Can-Am isn’t just standing still when it comes to updating the trike.  Indeed, for 2010, they’ve taken a big step forward.

2010 Can-Am Spyder RT
2010 Can-Am Spyder RT

In addition to the Roadster, and the semi-automatic-trannied SE5, Can-Am has an all-new RT touring model for 2010.  The Spyder RT has, in addition to the big trunk up front, a touring trunk with passenger backrest and full saddlebags in the rear, as well.  They’ve also completely revamped the lighting, making this tadpole trike almost impossible to miss, with 4 headlights, running lights, etc.

It also has an optional trailer package–color-matched–with 22 ft3 of storage.

That’s a lot of storage.

The RT will come in three versions: a silver base model with a manual transmission, And Audio & Convenience version in silver or blue, with your choice of transmissions, or the RT-S, shown here, which has all the goodies, and a special paint job and styling.

With all the extra gear, Can-Am has also re-tuned the engine to offer more torque and a bit less horsepower, with the Rotax 991cc V-twin putting out 80 lb-ft. @ 5500 RPM, and 100 hp @ 7500 RPM.

No price has been mentioned yet, but we’ll probably learn that at the formal rollout in Quebec on 9-10 September.

Motorcycle-USA has more details.