Coming Attractions

It’s been an extraordinarily busy week and a half for me. Last weekend was almost completely taken up with going up to Orange County and getting the GTO, while this weekend was taken up with getting the GTO fixed up a little bit, and running errand we missed doing last week. Add in the business of working, teaching my college business class, and doing client-related stuff, it’s been a bear. I have not, however, been completely idle with things for the blog, so here’s a preview of coming attractions for the next week or so.

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Resurrection, Again

Let’s try this one more time

Blogging is hard. I don’t mean it’s hard physically, but it’s hard in terms of finding the time to do it. This especially true when you write at other places besides your personal web site. I write on politics and economics elsewhere, and I didn’t want this to become a political site. Plus, I got an invite to write at Medium, so I sort of did all of my personal writing there, and created my own collection of automotive and motorcycle writing there. (Most of which, By the way, I’ll be transferring over here, bit by bit.)

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Technical Difficulties

It’s been very difficult to blog at all for the past several days.  Every time I tried to write a post, something kept preventing me from saving it to the blog.  The post about the new transmission a couple of days ago took about three hours to get up publicly.

It turns out my web host has installed a new firewall setup in the servers that interpreted my posts as SQL injection attacks on the web server and refused connection, based on some of the words or phrases in the posts.  Very common words like “alter” or “drop” are actually key words in the SQL language.

So, I was limited to slowly and frustratingly write small posts.  As of today, however, the web host tells me i should be ship-shape to post whatever I want via WordPress.  Sadly, tonight’s blogging is limited to this, as its 11 o’clock, and I’ve spent the last 6 hours going through the year-end accounting for my business.

I just hope that the next time I do a long post, I don’t learn that the firewall problem still exists!