Don’t Screw With Bears


If you live in bear country, you probably already know not to keep food in a car, because bears will tear a car apart to get at a box of donuts, or whatever.  Now, it appears that even transporting food may be a problem.  Especially in a motorcycle.

Wells and his wife had taken his 2004 Harley-Davidson motorcycle out to get a pizza for dinner. They put the leftovers in the tour pack on the back of the motorcycle for the ride home.

“We got home around six, took the pizza out of it right away and put it in the refrigerator,” said Wells.

Three hours later they heard something outside, near where his motorcycle was parked. Wells went outside to investigate.

“I came around and shined the flashlight and my bike was on its side and a bear cub was on top and another bear cub was behind it and the momma was right there too,” remembers Wells.

The bears ripped the tour pack apart trying to get to where the pizza at one time had been. In the process they did around $3,000 damage to the bike.

So, three hours later, just the 3 hour-old smell of pizza in this guy’s tour trunk was enough to get it seriously molested.

And you thought deer were a problem…