Aerostich Branches Out

Aerostich has long been known as a purveyor of fine riding apparel.  But now it appears they’ve moved into other areas.  Areas that don’t seem closely related to their core competencies.

Aerostich Flip
Aerostich Flip

This new product is something called the “Flip”.  It’s a replacement for a regular license plate holder, and at the touch of a button, it flips the license plate down to display a custom message.

One of those messages is the “Lane Share Test” sign shown here.  I guess, if you live outside of California, and you want to split lanes at a traffic light, you could order this plate, and display it as you sneak between the lanes.  It looks all official and stuff.

I suspect it won’t look official enough for the local mounties to pull you over and ask you what the hell you think you’re doing, however.  And asking you exactly what you think you’re doing with a device that’s designed to hide your license plate at will.

I mean, if you have big, brass ones, and you’re willing to risk the ire of the local peaceforcers, go ahead.

But it seems like a high-risk thing to install on your bike.

Still, they have other messages you can buy which are a bit less…controversial.  Or, you can create your own custom message.

You’ve still got to get over the problem of a license-plate hiding device, but, if you’re willing to risk it…