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Random Photoblogging

This weekend, I consolidated all of the RAW photo files from various external hard drives into a single Lightroom catalog that I can swap between my Mac and my PC. In doing so, I can across some pictures I’ve taken that struck me as interesting for one reason or another, so I decided to share them. So, here are some selected photos I’ve taken since 2012, that  haven’t shared before.

P1000103Some colorful chairs on someone’s patio in San Diego.

P1000204I like doing architectural studies. San Diego is a good place for this, because there are still so many Victorian buildings downtown. Despite the massive growth of downtown San Diego, these century-old building still remain, with their unique attention to detail standing out among the modern glass and steel buildings bedside them.

P1000233The San Diego County Jail, a triumph of Brutalist architecture. Though it is not as brutal, presumably, as the things that go on inside it.

P1000414Midway Liquor, In Escondido.

P1000467The Oceanside Public Library, has a beautiful courtyard, with an extensive system of fountains and pools.

P1000479The Oceanside Pier.

P1000528Surfing seems fun. Except for the occasional great white sharks that wander by.

P1000685Dancing girls on the beach.

P1000982This nattily-attired fellow is attending the Escondido Renaissance Faire. I’m not sure why he’s holding his arms like that.

P1010424The I-5 freeway, as it cuts through downtown San Diego.

P1010468He’s sleepy, but keeping one eye on me. In case I seem to need my throat torn out, or something.

P1010589San Diego has a serious homeless problem. It’s sad, because a significant number of these people are lunatics who need to be in a mental hospital under care, instead of wandering through the streets.

P1010617Judging by the architecture, I assume this is the Salvation Army’s armory.

P1010636I always wonder who the poor slob is who has to polish the brass on this building’s fire equipment. It’s very shiny.

P1010658This is a photo I took for my review of the 2013 Chrysler 200. The car sucked, but I got take pictures of it inform of Angels Stadium in Anaheim.

P1020366Sleepy Sea Lion is sleepy.

P1020410Honestly, I have no earthly idea what’s going on here.

P1020740Andre Ether at bat against the San Diego Padres.

Untitled 3The figurehead on a sailing ship in San Diego Harbor. Apparently, even in the Victorian Era, big tits and nipples were popular.

P1030001Bonus Quiz: What car is this?

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