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What I saw at San Diego Comic Con 2014

Every year at this time, the San Diego Comic Con rolls into town, brining thousands of attendees with it. I remember going to Comic Con in the mid-90s, when it was small. The biggest star I saw back then was Adam West, who was signing autographs for ten bucks a pop. Now, it’s the West Coast’s center of sci-fi, comics, and fantasy action, with what seems like the whole entertainment industry involved.

I didn’t have tickets to get inside the Convention Center, so I hung around downtown and took some pictures.


Assasin's Creed cosplayers

The Assassin’s Creed software people were there with an assassin’s obstacle course set up in a park. Well, not an assassin’s obstacle course, as such. More like an obstacle course that geeky, couch-potato gamers with a minimum of regular physical activity who want to pretend to be highly-trained assassins have a chance of completing without their hearts exploding.

Imperial Pilot and pistolero

Some of the cosplayers had very detailed and authentic costumes. Others just wore Steampunk clothing, which irritates me. I’m not sure Steampunk should even be a thing. It’s basically wanting to dress like a Goth, but without being willing to commit. Those brass revolvers and multicolored spectacles aren’t fooling anyone.

Star Fleet officers

A couple of friendly Starfleet officers stopped to pet Apollo, my boxer, and ply him with tasty jerky treats. They seemed very kind. Later in the afternoon, though, they forced an entire civilization to abandon a 10,000 year-old set of traditional politico-religious practices, because they found them displeasing. Also, I learned that they don’t have money in the Federation, so I’m thinking they stole those jerky treats.

Nazi leather-boy

To me the weather seemed unsuitable for a full-leather SS Uniform and a Leather greatcoat. But you have to be willing to suffer some discomfort to remain the height of evil style. Still, a Knight’s Cross without swords, oak leaves, or diamonds? Get over yourself, Nazi leather-boy.


With all the evil overlords, henchmen, and dark, tortured superheroes, you wouldn’t think that Comic Con would be conducive to the Disney vibe. But there were princesses scattered around. The whole nihilistic Comic Con vibe seems to be getting to the little princess, though. Years of brutal electroshock therapy have taught the older ones to hide the pain behind their smiles.

Red-eyed Vampire

You’d think that blood-red vampire pupils would be scary, and a total turn-off. As it turns out, not so much.

Christians vs. Gays

There was a difference of opinion about some things outside the Convention Center. But it was surprisingly peaceful and well organized. Sadly, inside the Convention Hall, one attendee declared that Superman was better than Batman, sparking a violent riot that ended with four comics geeks very slightly injured and sixty-two extremely winded.

Post-apocalyptic bare midriffs

The apocalypse will not be televised. Clearly, it will be too sexy for TV.


Leeloo Dallas. Multipass.

Star Trike

The Star Trike was there, desultorily guarded by a very lazy dog.

Star Trike dog

The lazy Star Trike dog was pretty photogenic, though.


As always, Batman was well-represented at Comic Con. He was always alone, though, brooding. I suspect he’s a bit of a downer. He probably has some issue with his mom or dad that a psychological professional could help him deal with.

Zombie Superman

Superman was represented, too. But, he’s looking terribly old and unwell. I mean, undead.

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