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Lotus makes motorcycles now. Sort of.

Most people think of Lotus as the British manufacturer of light sports cars with great handling. But now, Lotus has announced they’re making motorcycles. Well, a single motorcycle. And Lotus isn’t actually making them. And they’re not making only 100 units. Huh. That could not be more confusing.

So, here’s the deal: Lotus has hooked up with the German firm Kodewa, who makes race cars, and specifically, the Lotus LeMans race car. Then they got Daniel Simon, who designed the Bugatti Veyron and the light bikes in Tron: Legacy to design the bikes. Now, according to Lotus, the bike–called the C-01, is now a real thing.

We don’t know much detail about the specs, but what we think we know it that it’s powered by an 1195cc V-Twin that puts out around 200 HP. It’s also supposed to weigh less than 400 lbs. Oh, and it’s beautiful.

2014 Lotus C-01

You’ll have some choice of colors, too, which hark back to various Lotus racing liveries from years past. You’ve got your gold and black carbon fiber Lotus livery, as shown above…


Then, you’ve got your Martini racing livery…


And, finally, you’ve got your British Racing Green livery.

It really is a fantastic-looking motorcycle. But there are a few down sides. First, as I said, they’re only going to make 100 of them. It’s a boutique bike. That means it’ll cost far more than most people will be able to afford in their lifetimes. Also, that riding position looks like it’ll stretch the rider waaaay over the tank. High foot pegs, too. So, it doesn’t look like it’ll be comfortable to ride for any length of time.

I also can’t help noticing that it look like it has a really long wheelbase and fat rear tire. So, good luck turning it. It’ll look beautiful when you ride it in a straight line, then the road will curve, while the rider will go straight as an arrow to The Land of Trees and Fire.

Finally, I wonder if a company that builds race cars is the best choice for building a motorcycle. The physics of riding and driving machines are quite a bit different. If I had one, I’d wonder if Kodewa had actually thought about all those differences…or if something important had slipped through the cracks.

It looks cool as hell, though.

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