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Coming Attractions

It’s been an extraordinarily busy week and a half for me. Last weekend was almost completely taken up with going up to Orange County and getting the GTO, while this weekend was taken up with getting the GTO fixed up a little bit, and running errand we missed doing last week. Add in the business of working, teaching my college business class, and doing client-related stuff, it’s been a bear. I have not, however, been completely idle with things for the blog, so here’s a preview of coming attractions for the next week or so.

genesisHaving driven the GTO for a week, I am ready to do a complete review on it. Happily, I’m quite pleased with it so far. The things that have been wrong with it are the usual run-of-the-mill things that need to be fixed up on a used car.

Other car reviews are also on the way, as I give you the rundown on two Hyundais that make up the polar opposites of the Hyundai product line.

First is the Hyundai Accent, their basic, entry-level vehicle. I spent a couple of days driving one around as a rental car, because the Eclipse was in the shop. Since I had it, I thought I might as well do a review on what to expect from this base-level commuter car.

Following that will be the V8-powered, top-of-the-line Genesis Sedan—the good one, with the Tau 5L powerplant. Basically, this is Hyundai’s answer to the 5-series sedan. The big question here is, “Sure, it’s priced very aggressively, but can they come close to matching a 5-series in luxury and driving goodness?

A follow-on question might be, “Is the 5-series worth the pile of money they’re asking for it when compared to the competition?

So, keep checking in to see the upcoming content.

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