I write stuff. A lot of it is about cars and motorcycles.

Resurrection, Again

Let’s try this one more time

Blogging is hard. I don’t mean it’s hard physically, but it’s hard in terms of finding the time to do it. This especially true when you write at other places besides your personal web site. I write on politics and economics elsewhere, and I didn’t want this to become a political site. Plus, I got an invite to write at Medium, so I sort of did all of my personal writing there, and created my own collection of automotive and motorcycle writing there. (Most of which, By the way, I’ll be transferring over here, bit by bit.)

Stipula_fountain_penBut, as it happens, Medium also has gotten less interesting to me, mainly because no one knows what Medium is, or is supposed to be—and that includes the guys at Obvious Corporation who created it. Which is an ironic name for the company, since, whatever Medium is, it isn’t obvious. The readership seems to consist of really techy types and hipsters, and not an awful lot of either. I thought Medium would end up being bigger, and that they’d have some idea about how to get content out there on the web so lots of people could see it. But that doesn’t seem to be true, so I don’t know what future it has. I’ll still post there, but I get more readership here in one day—even after not having posted anything for a fricken year, than I get at Medium. I’ll also post everything I do at medium right here.

Anyway, Dale’s Motorcycle Blog is dead. Dale Franks Dot Com lives again. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing about motorcycles, because they still interest me. But a lot of other things interest me, too. I like cars. And technology & gadgets. I like TV, and science fiction, and…well…lots of things. So, I think I’ll write about those things here, too.

So, I think I’ll try to turn this from a dedicated motorcycle site, into a site about all the things that interest me. It will probably have some strong opinions, but it’ll be non-political, everyday sort of opinions. For instance,  like how the Macintosh computer is designed so that people who don’t know anything about computers can have one, too, and still feel smarmily superior to people who use real computers. I’ll review cars and motorcycles. I’ll complain about stuff. I’ll write about cool gadgets.

What I won’t do, however, is turn this site into a bunch of personal musings about my life. You don’t care about me, nor should you. Instead, I’ll try to write about things I like that I think you’ll like, too.

Since I first created this as my personal site in 1996, it’s been through several incarnations, with lots of different types of content at different times. I think that’s a good thing, and I hope the newest incarnation is something that you’ll think is a good thing, too.

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