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Ducati Announces the 899 Panigale for 2014

New bike. New Engine.

Ducati announced their new 899 Panigale to me by sending me a cryptic email with a picture of the bike and no information, except a link to their web site’s Panigale section. That turned out out to be a tediously-navigated, JavaScript-heavy web site where there was information. Sadly, they dribble it out one sentence at a time as you navigate from frame to frame. Yes, JavaScript is the future, but there’s no need to get carried away. Anyway, rather than make you navigate through their beautiful, picture-heavy, yet drearily tedious web site, I’ll just pass the information to you.

2014 Ducati 899 Panigale The new engine is an 898cc L-Twin—because it’s a Ducati—that puts out 148 HP at 10,5oo RPM, and 73 torques at 9,000. They call it the Superquadro, probably because they’ve beaten the variants of “Desmo” to death. But the whole Superquadro thing meets Ducati’s goal of “an engine calibration that optimally combines the high-performance delivery with regular operation achieved by reducing the cyclic dispersion of combustion”, whatever that means. All I got out of the description was that there are four of something and they’re really super.

Anyway, it’s got the 1199’s tranny, and a fly-by-wire throttle. It’s got a fully-adjustable suspension, and weighs 425 lbs. fueled up and ready to ride. Naturally, it has all the electronic wizardry that Ducati has at its disposal, with different riding and power modes, traction control, ABS brakes, etc., etc. It’s also really pretty.

Sure, the ergonomics will suck for daily riding, because it’s a street-legal racing bike. So what?

It’s a Ducati sportbike. What’s not to like?

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