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2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

Motorcycle USA has taken the 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour for a ride. They seem to like it. Especially the storage. There’s a lot of it, as Victory claims it has a total of 41.1 gallons of storage space. But that’s not all it has.

The amount of storage will spoil a rider, as will the heated grips, heated seats, standard cruise control, and big rider floorboards. Victory elected to use a toe-only shifter so riders can move their feet around and alter pressure points on the backside and lower back on longer rides. Though we rode solo, the 2013 Victory Cross Country tour has passenger floorboards that are three-way adjustable and can be tipped at a 10-degree angle. Passengers also have the luxury of their own controls for the heated seat.

2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

Also, if you buy this instead of the Victory Vision, other bikers won’t point and laugh at you while you ride down the road.

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One Response to 2013 Victory Cross Country Tour

  • My long-distance touring focus is on vibration levels. I was amazed at the near-absent vibe level on my latest purchase… a Suzuki SV650. 
    It’s a 90-degree V, and I’m told that eliminates primary (most of the “felt” vibrations.)
    But even Harley seems to have off-idle vibrations pretty much under control, so I’m wagering most of these V-twins are low vibe machines.
    We need to have a sort of “richter scale” for fatigue-inducing vibrations on bikes so we can approach that problem more objectively.