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I guess I’m a VFR guy now

Yeah, I haven’t posted for 6 months. Mainly it’s because I’ve been really busy with other things. That seems to be my standard MO with this site. Post a lot for 6 months, then sort of move on to other things. Then, eventually, come back.

Well, I have a reason to come back, now.

Yesterday, on my ride home from work, I decided to go by North County House of motorcycles. While there, I saw a brand new 2010 VFR1200F with the DCT automatic transmission on sale. They’d marked it down from $17,499 to $11,999. So, I traded my FJR1300AE for it on the spot.


This is the only picture I have of it, a crappy cell phone pic the sales guy took just before I geared up and rode off on it. I didn’t get bags with it, but I put my tailbag on it as soon as I got home.

I had a lots of work to do today, so I only got a chance to ride it to the store and back. So I’ve only got 20 miles on it. I can already tell that there’s a bit of a learning curve for it.  I’ll keep updating my experiences with it as I break it in and get used to it.

The main difference is that, unlike the FJR AE model, you don’t have to hit 2,500RPM on the tach before it starts to move. Touck the throttle and it goes. And I mean goes. The performance simply outclasses the FJR in every way…if you want it to.

It’s got lots less wind protection and general cushy comfort than the FJR had, though I knew that going into it. I miss the heated grips, too.

But it’s a stonkin’ great engine. Which is what I was looking for in this case.

My cunning plan is to have both a fancy man’s sporty bike like a VFR or K1300S, and a fancy man’s touring bike, either the R1200RT or K1600GT. So, I guess I’m halfway there.

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4 Responses to I guess I’m a VFR guy now

  • Interesting, I have owned an FJR1300 and my current bike is the ST1300.  At one time, I owned a VFR750F and ENJOYED the bike about as much as any bike I have ever owned.  The 600 supersports could wax me, but they weren’t as comfortable, while the VFR just had a nice balance.  I thought once I had an FJR1300, I had the exact bike for what I wanted, performance and touring all in one. 

    The FJR didn’t have the refinement I was looking for, so I went with the Honda.  Enjoy the bike, but I recently saw a VFR1200 with the transmission gig..and almost fell in love.  I take it that you don’t enjoy the bike as much as you thought?  I have owned 3 BMW bikes, no thanks!  Company is an arrogant German brand, and the dealer is 100 miles from home. 

    Any additional thoughts on the VFR1200?


  • I take it that you don’t enjoy the bike as much as you thought?

    I’m not sure why you got that impression. I wanted the sportier bike. I knew I would miss some things the FJR had. So, far, I like it fine. Most of the things I miss, like heated grips, I can farkle up.

  • Congrats, nice bike. Was your FJR automatic? how do you like the Honda DCT?

    • The FJR AE model is NOT an automatic. It has an electronic clutch, so you shift with paddle shifters on the handlebar or the foot shifter. Either way, you have to shift for every gear.

      The Honda DCT system allows you to use a manual mode, where you shift with paddle shifters, or to go fully automatic.