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The Griso comes to America

Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE

Moto Guzzi isn’t the easiest brand to find over here, and dealerships are few and far between. Yet, Moto Guzzi still has a dedicated fan base, who’ll probably be a little happier knowing the Griso 8V SE is coming to America. The Griso itself isn’t new over here, of course, but the SE model, with its distinctive styling, has only been available in Europe.

Some might say the engine looks a bit too…agricultural, and, well, I guess I’d be among them. The Griso’s air/oil-cooled 1151cc slant twin does put out a respectable 95hp and 73lb-ft of torque, which combined with the responsive steering and chassis will have you surprising supersports in the twisties–assuming you put on some stickier tires than the EOM Pirelli Scorpions. And that’s even counting the fact that, at 555 lbs–mainly thanks to a big, honkin’ shaft drive–it’s a bit on the portly side.

On the other hand, a day of canyon carving won’t leave you with a notched back and stiff knees.

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2 Responses to The Griso comes to America

  • Agricultural?
    Yeah, and tough as boulders, too.
    I’ve now ridden my Guzzi enough to love it/be irritated by it.
    It’s a REAL motorcycle, but unlike some other V-Twins, runs, and runs, and runs, without needing a tweak every week or so.
    It’s gonna be interesting to see if M.G. can maintain that bullet-proof reputation as they add valves (and maybe water cool?) and add complexity.
    (And that heavy shaft drive is the main reason I bought the thing.)

  • get my 2008 6000km old griso on 27th yehaa now at 110hp should be a bit quicker than my223cc yamaha scorpio which has done me good over the last 2.5 years and 53000km without a letdown, if the griso is half as reliable i’ll be pleased. At 54 this griso shopuld be my ultimate challenge, lets see.