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Performance Cruiser Smackdown

Motorcycle USA took the power cruisers out for a spin and then chose the one they liked best. In the running were the Victory Hammer, Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special, Triumph Thunderbird, Star Raider S, Suzuki Boulevard M109R, and Ducati Diavel. One of these bikes isn’t even a power cruiser–and was the slowest of the five–and still won.

The Diavel, by the way, got the highest score, 170/200, and the reviewers still didn’t pick it.

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One Response to Performance Cruiser Smackdown

  • In their defense, the reason they didn’t pick the Ducati is because they all thought that it didn’t belong in the comparison. Can’t really argue with that.

    I got to test ride the Thunderbird, along with a Rocket, at the Triumph dealer in Escondido last time they had the manufacturer demo days there.  I liked the Thunderburd quite a bit, more than the Rocket for sure.  If I had to buy a cruiser, that would be it.  But then I’ve never had a big love affair with V-twins.  Still I’m surprised that the magazine picked the inline twin.  Guess Triumph had more advertisements this month…