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Honda Crosssrunner First Ride

2011 Honda Crossrunner

2011 Honda Crossrunner

Motorcycle Daily has taken the new , VFR800-based 2011 Crossrunner out on the road to put it through its paces.

The Crossrunner was introduced last fall as a 2011 model at the EICMA show in Italy as bike with offroad pretensions–and pretensions is pretty much all they are. Really, this is a street bike, although one powered by the 782cc V-4 VTEC mill that powers the European version of the Interceptor. That’s not a bad heritage for any streetbike.

Unlike the VFR, however, the Crossrunner sports comfy, upright ergonomics to go along with its V-4 character.

The pluses appear to be  a bike that, like the Suzuki Bandit, offers you a torquey engine with 100HP, a relaxed riding position. The down side for the sporting enthusiast, is the 530lbs wet weight, but in general it seems like it would be a fun bike.

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4 Responses to Honda Crosssrunner First Ride

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  • Great – a 1998 Honda VFR with helibars 13 years late.  ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Too big to be a trail bike and if Honda doesn’t want to build it as a good street bike I’m not sure how this one will fit into the market. I don’t think there is a distinct need for this machine. Husky and others make good dirt bikes, BMW has a nice set of dual sports – this doesn’t seem to challenge that in any way. Honda has a good grip on the touring and street bike markets, but without some revamping it looks like they’ll start losing market share to BMW and others with the great looking lineup they’ve produced. A 6-cyl touring Beemer for less than a Goldwing? Seems like a good challenge. Kawasaki also has them in the sport touring section. Honda is a great company, but needs some different bikes or I’ll keep the one I’ve got and not invest in another.

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