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I’m not sure that the guys at North County House of Motorcycle;s came up with a permanent fix for my FJR’s electrical problem. I was in a parking lot this afternoon when I lost all electrical power. Fuses and battery are OK, so the problem is elsewhere. So, NCHM is picking up the bike tomorrow morning to take it in and fix it.

Very disappointing.

On the bright side, I’ll be going to pick up the GT650R in Orange County tomorrow, so I won’t be bikeless while the FJR is being fixed.

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4 Responses to Stranded

  • Yep , same thing happened to me on my 2008. It melted parts of the main wiring harness. Too much power through too thin wire and cheap spider grounds. I loved the bike but the $1200.00 bill was too much. Mine died near Scotty’s castle in Death Valley. I traded the bike in

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  • There are fixes for the “black widow” available on the fjrforum.  One is a plug-n-play grounding harness made by a feejer owner in the northern part of Calif.  Also, he will be down here (Vista) this weekend for an FJR tech day, with a couple harnesses.  Let me know if you want more info.

    • Yeah. The thing is, I just had it in last month for them to fix this. Now it’s back in again.
      Happily, I have another motorcycle to evaluate for the next week or so.