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On Two Wheels Again

I finally got the FJR back from the service department and North County House of Motorcycles today.  It turns out that it was a grounding problem in the electrical system.  They found four bad grounds in the main wiring harness.  Rather than replace the wiring harness, they have a service tech who’s a pretty good electrician, and who rewired it himself.  Seemed to work OK, and saved me a couple of hundred dollars.

I also bought a Tourmaster tail bag.  I’ve been keeping the hard bags on the bike, even when commuting, because I needed the space to carry my laptop, etc., but with the tailbag, I can leave the hard bags off.  The FJR looks really good without bags…or, at least it’s supposed to.  What makes it look good are the six plastic covers that conceal the mounting holes for the hard bags.  They’re color-matched to the bike, so the FJR without bags looks like it’s supposed to be without them.

Sadly, I can’t find the mounting hole covers.  I know where they used to be…which turns out not to be helpful. On the way to get some groceries, I stopped off ay North County Yamaha to order some. Each of the three covers for each side has it’s own part number.  So, one set of covers is in California, and can be here in a couple of days.  One set is in Georgia, and can be here in about a weeks or so.  The third set of covers…well…there are none currently in the United States, and none are expected until March 14.

Oh, and each of these little plastic rectangles, they cost $15.  So, it costs $100 to buy 6, 2 inch-long pieces of plastic.

I didn’t want to order them, but I ripped the garage apart and can’t find the originals, so I didn’t have much choice.  I’m sure I took them out of the garage to put them in a safe location…and now I’ve forgotten the safe location. Which, in one sense, means that they’re as safe as can be.

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6 Responses to On Two Wheels Again

  • Glad to see you got the FJR back up and running. A good friend of mine purchased one this summer and we went on a 5 day road trip…I on my cruiser & he on his FJR.  Have to admit it is a beautiful machine…gave me a whole new appreciation for the sports touring machines.

  • On the flip side, if you ever do find the AWOL covers, it probably won’t be too hard to sell ’em.

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  • Please report this grounding issue to nhtsa [dot] gov as a vehicle defect.  If we can generate enough reports Yamaha will recall our bikes.
    You shop is doing the right thing, there is no need to replace the wiring harness, replacing the ten cent connectors is good enough.
    I’ve purchased a plug-n-play harness modification that diverts the fans off of the main wiring harness to reduce the chance of frying connectors. Your post reminded me I have to break down and pull off enough plastic to install it before these Black Widow Spiders bite me.  Thanks for your post!

  • Hey Dale,

    I just replaced my 2009 Ultra Classic with a 2008 FJR.  I didn’t even know there were covers for the mounting ports; for $100, I guess I won’t miss them too much.

    Thanks for the blog.