Yesterday, when I was picking up a prescription at the drive-through window at my pharmacy, my FJR died. The engine quit, and everything went dead except for the instrument panel, where every light came on, and the fuel level LCD started flashing. Turning the motor off and taking the key out did nothing.  Everything stayed lit up.  Then a few minutes later, everything turned off, and I was able to re-insert the key, and start her right up.  No further problems yesterday or for the first part of today.  Then, this afternoon, as I was driving home, it happened again at a stoplight. So, I crossed my fingers and headed directly for the motorcycle shop.

Once I got there, they played around with it, and were able to reproduce it several times.

So, the bike is in the shop, and I they won’t even be able to look at it until Monday.  They will be taking $100 just to diagnose the problem, so I’m bikeless until sometime next week.

Author: Dale Franks

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4 thoughts on “Bikeless”

  1. Dale, I assume that you already had the ignition switch recall done?  If not, start there.

    The other side of the electrical issue is there can be a grounding problem on our bikes.  There’s alot of info on the FJR forum.  At any rate, your symptoms sound like a fried grounding spider.  (grounding spider – several ground wires come together in a junction that looks a little like an aluminum spider)  The most common grounding spider to go is the one under the tank in the left front; the people on the forum call it the “black widow”.  There are two people on the forum that sell add-on grounding harnesses, but you’ll still need to fix the original problem first.

    Feel free to contact me if you.  Don’t know how much I can help, but I can let you know what I know.

  2. Dale, it sounds like a fired ground spider connector, the infamous FJR ‘spider bite’.  If it turns out to be a fried wire or connector please report it to the national highway safety board , Yamaha can and should fix this problem with a recall.

  3. It sure sounds like a ground problem,or a short someware.I had a problem with mine and I found the problem under the tank.It was a shorted wire.good luck!

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