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Pierre Terblanche moves to Norton

Ducati’s Pierre Terblanche, designer of the beautiful Ducati Supermoto, is moving to Norton Motorcycles in the UK to design bikes.  Since Norton currently produces only the 961 Commando, I think we can assume that the reborn British maker has some other models in the works.  If I was guessing, I would say the Norton rotary-powered NRV588 is the prime candidate for Terblanche’s design magic.

If so, he could do a lot worse than to come up with an update of the classic John Player Special version of the Norton Commander F1.

1991 Norton Commander F1 John Player Special

One of the most beautiful bikes ever made.

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4 Responses to Pierre Terblanche moves to Norton

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  • A good looking bike for 91, with some updating it could be a great looking bike for right now. Who knows, but if they do as good with other bikes as they have done with the remastered commando I would definitely stop by the showroom, at the very least.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

  • The Norton is beautiful, BUT…
    Are ya watching “Cafe Racer” on HD Theater, Dale? There is nothing… NOTHING prettier than a Commando cafe racer with the engine exposed. True artwork.
    Covering the mechanicals will eventually make bikes like cars…
    They’ll all look so similar we’ll have to read the name on the side of the bike to tell the dif.
    Norton, Duke, Moto Guzzi, CB750. Lemme see the engine!