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BMW F800R Review

2011 BMW F800R

2011 BMW F800R

While many motorcycle companies have been struggling since the worldwide economic recession started in 2008, BMW has been fairing pretty well.  Part of BMW’s success has been coming out with bikes that don’t fit the mold of  “stodgy tourers for fantastically wealthy oldsters”, and appeal to younger, less affluent riders.  One of those bikes is the S1000RR sportbike that pretty much everybody has fallen in love with.

BMW seems to be getting it, marketing-wise. As Pieter De Waal, VP of BMW Motorrad USA, says, “When selling something nobody needs, you’d better give them a very good reason to buy.”

Following along in that vein, BMW has dropped the F800S from the 2011 lineup, replacing it with the urban, naked, standard F800R.  That bike has been available to Europeans for 18 months, but is now becoming available in North America.

Motorcycle.com has a full test report on the F800S, and they seem to like it a lot.

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