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2011 KTM Adventure 990 Dakar

2011 KTM Adventure 990 Dakar

2011 KTM Adventure 990 Dakar

KTM will be unveiling a new version of the 990 at EICMA next week.  Although, since an official image got leaked today to Bikes in the Fast Lane, I guess it won’t be so much unveiled as confirmed.

This new version is known as the “Dakar”. See? it even says it on the tail, along with a catchy graphic of a fellow wearing a burnoose as protection from the burning desert sands.

It is also mind-numbingly–almost gloriously–ugly.  The bodywork is a steel blue that is made hideously unflattering by the orange highlights of the frame, crash bars, and rear-views.  from the front, it looks like some sort of monstrous, child-eating robot.  I’m sure uglier bikes have been spotted for the 2011 model year, but not by reliable obeservers.

We also know nothing about the bike that can’t be seen in the photo.  No specs, performance numbers, or anything else.

Just this threatening lump of blue and orange.

Usually, I am a lover of all types of motorcycles, and I usually like the angular nature of KTM’s design motif, but this thing just frightens me.  I can’t imagine having it in my garage.  I’d be afraid that late one night, I’d hear it repeating over and over, “I am Nomad.  Sterilize.”

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