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Rear-view helmet

Reevu Helmet

Reevu Helmet

A British company is set to bring a brand new helmet concept to market.  Called the Reevu MSX1, this new helmet allows the driver to see the road behind him through a small mirror inserted into the visor.

The mirror reflects the image of whatever is to the rear of the helmet, and to see it, the rider merely has to glance up slightly to see the mirror.  The helmet liner is sculpted to fit the rider’s line of sight to the mirror.

Sadly, there is no word as to whether this helmet will be marketed in the US, or only in Britain.  At £249–approx $400–it isn’t an especially cheap helmet, but it is available directly from Reevu, and their web site has more info.

If you’re interested in what you see as a rider when wearing the helmet, Reevu has obliged us with a demonstration as well.  Click the image below to see a larger view.

Reevu MSX1 Riders View

Reevu MSX1 Riders View

At first glance, it seems like a massively useful idea, and one that really does offer some safety advantages.  It’s a neat idea, and I’d like to see that helmet over here in the US.

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3 Responses to Rear-view helmet

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  • My new (to me) Guzzi’s mirrors do a great job of showing me what my arms are doing. The only way they give me usable information is to push them out so they reflect lanes on either side of the bike. I get NO info. on what is directly behind me, and had thought I’d probably add a handlebar-end mirror to do that job. This helmet would solve that problem, but it brings a few questions on its own, doesn’t it?
    Fit, ventilation, and quality?
    Let’s have a look at the thing.

  • This is the sort of innovation the motorcycle industry needs. Such a great idea, hopefully it makes it’s way to our side of the fence.