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ATK Unveils a New Cruiser

Previously, I’ve reported on the American dirt bike manufacturer ATK getting into the street bike business. Previously, ATK had a deal to assemble and badge 250cc and 650cc Hyosung (S&T Motors)  sport bikes and cruisers here in the US. Well, last week, during Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, ATK unveiled an entirely new cruiser, a 700cc bike for the US market.

ATK 700cc Cruiser

ATK 700cc Cruiser

Not only that, but S&T’s chief operating officer, Jimmy Park, piloted the new cruiser to a speed in excess of 100MPH on the salt flats.

Details and specs on the new cruiser are lacking, but presumably will be released in due course.  The full press release from ATK is here (PDF).

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