No, I’m not dead. Why do you ask?

It’s been a tough couple of months for me, schedule-wise.  That’s why the blogging has declined.  I really am trying to get back to the blog, and hopefully, my schedule will empty out a bit in the near future.

Author: Dale Franks

Dale Franks is the former host of The Business Day, ”a daily, four-hour business and financial news program on KMNY Radio in Los Angeles. From 2002-2004, he was a contributor on military and international affairs for Currently, he a publisher and editor of the monthly political journal The New Libertarian, as well as an editor of the popular web log, Q and O. Dale served as a military police officer in the United States Air Force from 1984 to 1993, in variety of assignments both in the United States and Europe, where he also was assigned to the staff of the Headquarters of Allied Forces Central Europe. In addition to broadcasting, writing, and speaking on various topics, Dale has also been a long-time technical training instructor on a variety of computer software and technology subjects. Dale has also long been involved with information technology as an accomplished web designer, programmer, and technologist, serving as the corporate knowledge specialist for Microsoft Outlook at SAIC, the nation's largest employee-owned corporation. Additionally, he is the author of a number of software user guides used for classroom training by one of Southern California’'s premier computer training and consulting firms. His book, SLACKERNOMICS: Basic Economics for People Who Find Economics Boring, is available from Barnes & Noble.

3 thoughts on “No, I’m not dead. Why do you ask?”

  1. Hahahaha . . . . well you will be glad to know that while your back was turned the statement “Erik Buell can’t build streetbikes until February 2011” has been rendered inaccurate.  Great interview on the net today will give you a glimpse or Erik plans for streetbikes.

    Erik and the band just returned from a great concert trip to Germany following the release of their new CD.

    Also . . .while you are out folks have begun to notice that the Buells are doing quite well.  Those 1190RR’s that you wondered where the motors came from seem to be sweeping most the events they’ve entered in Europe.

    Shane Higbee took his old Daytona 200 1125 to Willow Springs and mixed it up with the factory KTM group . . . Shawn beat the KTM by about a day and a half.  Nice.
    Then last weekend . . Geoff May takes the Buell to a CCS race at Road America.  In an effort to now screw up the point standing of the club racers . . Geoff, with a large lead, pulled into the pits on the last race of each race he’d entered.  Soon the work spread that the “Buell broke” and the badmouthing started . . . so Geoff promptly went on to win the next 3 races . . . by margins that approached minutes.
    Fingers crossed as ERIK BUELL RACING prepares to head to Mid-Ohio and Laguna Seca.  It’s going to be fun.  By the way . . . you also missed the 2010 Buell Homecoming.  This is the event that HD had something like 60 folks spend months planning annually . . only difference this year was that it was planned by 3 enthusiastic owners and was the largest crowd to ever attend a Buell Homecoming.  The crowd included past Buell President and HD V.P. Jon Flickinger who, alone with fellow V.P. Gail Lione, rejected HD’s fat offer to stay one more year, gave 3 days notice and walked out.
    Interesting times indeed. . . . .
    Welcome back!
    Court Canfield

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