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2011 Brammo Empulse

The motorcycle press is touting the newly announced 20100 Brammo Empulse, and electric motorcycle that is “revolutionary”, in that it has a 100-mile range and can exceed 100 MPH. Using a liquid-cooled, brushless AC motor, with an estimated output of50 hp and 59 ft-lbs torque, the power comes from three different battery pack options, although only the top of the line Empulse 10, with a 10KW battery pack will get you the 100/100 combination.  There is also an 8KW and 6KW option, with 80- and 60-mile ranges respectively. Pricing starts at $10k for the 6KW, up to 15K for the 10KW.


For the price of an FJR1300, next year you can own a 60HP bike that travels 100 miles, then sits around recharging for several hours.

2010 Brammo Empulse

2010 Brammo Empulse

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4 Responses to 2011 Brammo Empulse

  • Yeah but just think how environmentally friendly you’re going to feel leaning in the corners on Palomar.  You can eat your veggie wrap at Mother’s Kitchen and tell everyone how carbon neutral you are.  Isn’t there value in that?

    • I dunno. Apart from using lots of metal, which has to be mined and refined and smelted, and all the plastic, which is made from petroleum, you’ve got these batteries.

      And the thing is, they’ve got to be manufactured, which uses a lot of energy, as well as all sorts of nasty chemicals and heavy metals that end up as toxic waste. And the batteries only last a relatively few years, so they’ve gotta be replaced, creating more toxic waste, both from disposing the old batteries and making their replacements.

      And they have to be recharged every hundred miles, at most, which takes more electric generating power, which is probably produced by natural gas powered, carbon-spewing generating plants.

      So a lot of that green pride might actually just be moral vanity.

  • I like the direction this is going – alot.  They’re very close to getting into real usable territory.  If they get this to 1/2 the cost, I would seriously consider it for a 2nd bike / commuter.  59 ft-lbs at 390 lbs could be fun for fighting morning traffic.  That instant punch from the get-go of electric motors could be very interesting.  Nothing to do with the greener lifestyle or saving gas (both smoke and mirrors anyway), just good torquey fun.

    I would seriously miss the clutch and shifting though.  Then again, you’re halfway there already with the AE…? (says the FJR A owner)

  • Which is just epic. Thanks for the precious post.