I rode a lot today…

Even though today was a workday, I’ve spent about three hours on my FJR. I got to the office at about 7:15, after my 40-minute commute. Sauntered over to the microwave, and popped in some food. When it was done, I pulled it out…and spilled it on my thumb.

This kicked off a major fricking crisis. First, four paramedics had to come over and look at it. Then I was directed to go to the emergency room and get my thumb looked at. So I hopped on the FJR, and took my horrific injury to the hospital, whet a doctor looked at it and said, “You should probably put some ice on that.”

Wow. Great. Thanks, doc.

That took up the first two hours of the day, all because everybody gets paranoid about workman’s comp.

After work, I needed to go to traffic court and drop off some paperwork. A buddy told me this great new shortcut for getting there. The shortcut turned what is normally a 45-minute ride into a 2-hour one. I got lost in these tiny twisty roads, and finally had to go to the GPS to find out where I was, and how to get to the courthouse.

Worst. Shortcut. Ever.

So, I didn’t get home until 7.

But, I finally got home, got comfy, and turned on my computer…only to find out we have no internet access. It turns out that sometime before I got home, one of the dogs ripped the cable access line for the high-speed internet out of the wall. So now I have to pay Cox to send out a service tech tomorrow to run new cable.

I’m writing this via my HTC incredible, because I have no other contact with the outside world.

So, despite spending three hours on the bike, the day totally sucked. Oh, and the three hours on the bike were all at low speeds, in city traffic, and 90-degree heat.

I could strangle a kitty right now.