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3 Responses to You don’t see that every day…

  • Dale, check out what the guys are doing at ItsBetterInTheWind.com…super retro photo/moto/trekking!

  • nice looking bike

  • I’m a real fan of Cafe Racers…but I’m having a really hard time seeing this bike as “light on its feet”.  That engine, just looks so packed in there and heavy.  I can appreciate the beauty of the lines with this bike…but I just can’t get over how “cumbersome” she somehow is able to appear to my eye.
    All the same she is unique, and that’s a quality that NO ONE can take from her…and she really is fascinating in her own right. Things like the rear (foot) brake set up…and I’m really likin how they set up the suspension on the bike as well.