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Buell Racing’s New Motorcycle

Buell 1190RR

Buell 1190RR

Erik Buell Racing has unveiled it’s first brand new racing bike, the 1190RR.  the 1190cc 72° V-Twin shaves 30 pounds off of the 1125RR, giving it a dry weight of 360lbs, with engine output sporting a boost to 185HP, and 93lb-ft of torque.

That puts the 1190RR’s specs into WSBK territory.  And in that vein, the bike is kitted out to full superbike race spec.

The multiplate-slipper clutched transmission can put that power to the rear wheel in six different gears, via a chain final drive.

It’s also a pretty sharp-looking bike, with a full fairing, instead of the controversial air scoops on the side.

So, I guess the only question remaining about this race bike is…where can you race it.  It isn’t homologated for either AMA or WSBK, so that’s right out.  And, of course, it’s not street-legal in any way, shape or form.

So, at the moment, even if you do get one, you still have to figure out what you can do with it.

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5 Responses to Buell Racing’s New Motorcycle

  • Too little, too late.   Buell obviously knows how to build a GREAT motorcycle, but why didn’t they offer a beauty like this at the moment the 1125 was released?   Even a dumbed-down version — 140 to 150HP, 70 to 80lb-ft — would have sold like hot cakes!
    All along, Buell motorcycles have been applauded for their ground breaking technology and the performance they were able to extract from Harley’s dinosaur “tractor motor.”  Unfortunately though, Buells have NEVER been the prettiest girl at the dance and looks DO account for something!
    All Buell had to do was fab plastic (fiberglass, carbon fiber, whatever!) that kinda looked like everyone else’s!   So what if all sport bikes “look alike?”  BFD!   The new BMW S1000RR looks like a GSXR — SO WHAT!  Is that going to hurt its sales?  NO WAY!
    I was a huge fan of Buell, SO wanted to “buy American” and several times was in dealer showrooms about to “write one up.”  However, glancing across the showroom at a Ducati 1098 or out the window at the ZX10 across the street, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Yeah, it’s all about riding the bike, but why ride an ugly duckling if you don’t have to?   And many riders, based on their purchasing history,  seemed to have agreed with me…
    Harley Davidson is to blame for the demise of Buell, but I think even Erik Buell has to admit that some of the damage done was self-inflicted!

  • The 1190RR looks like the start of good things to come from EBR.  It will be interesting to see how the two sent to Germany fare in the Sound of Thunder championship.

    “…figure out what you can do with it”?  Well, I imagine there are at least a few 1098’s, MV F4’s and RC45’s (for example) in the U.S. that were only ever bought for track days by well heeled owners.  It will be interesting to see who EBR’s next customers are.

    I have to disagree with Reyzie’s view on the styling of Buells in general, I’ve always liked them, but I think we agree the new one looks like it could be a stunner.  Can’t wait to see more pics of it.


  • >>>>you still have to figure out what you can do with it.

    Just what the heck is that Erik Buell up to?

    • I think my point is that, for those who want a hi-performance bike, but who can’t really devote anyt time to track days, what good does it do us?

      I’d be first in line for a street-legal version of it, though.

      Which we can’t have for…how many more months is it?

      Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.

  • Likely (and that “likely” needs to be qualified with an I DON’T REALLY KNOW) the 1190 RACE bike would be a poor choice for the public roadways.  It would, however, have been a fine tool to move Mr. Eslick from 4th to 1st last Friday night.
    I do agree with you that an iteration of this weapons pointed towards the streets of the world, particularly Europe, would attract some attention.
    Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.