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BMW S1000RR Conquers

If you haven’t seen this month’s Sport Rider magazine, their cover proclaims that The BMWS1000RR is the real deal, writing “No joke: This could be the new King”.  It’s apparently wicked fast.

Fast enough, in fact, to kick the crap out of a 700HP Corvette Z1.

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2 Responses to BMW S1000RR Conquers

  • I went by our local BMW dealer today, he had one on the floor.  It’s smaller than I thought, very compact really.  This one had the most God-awful color I’d ever seen on any bike, kind of a urine yellow-green.  Nice bike except for that.

  • I saw presentation on one at the BMW MOA rally in July 2009.  Nate Kern talked about riding it.  He was VERY impressed.  I am really excited for BMW Motorrad in 2010.  I think it will be a good year for them.