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Times Are Tough All Over

The US isn’t the only place where motorcycle sales have been dismal this year.  ACEM, the Motorcycle Industry Association in Europe, is reporting that, as of September, year-over-year motorcycle sales in Europe are down by 27%.  Here’s the ugly, ugly chart:

ACEM Sales 2002-2009 (September)

ACEM Sales 2002-2009 (September)

That’s definitely not the sales results graph you want to see.


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One Response to Times Are Tough All Over

  • Hmm…what a contrast to the Indian motorcycle market. Companies which make and sell motorcycles in India have been posting growth rates of 24-87% yoy. This is not a fair comparison, of course, since markets in the US are leisure based, where as India motorcycle sales are utility based – 2 wheels in India are just a cheaper alternative to cars, and most of people who buy and ride motorcycles in India are commuters who lug their families around on them.
    By the way, you have a great blog going on here! I stumbled on your website while I was searching something on Harley-Davidson in India. Agree 100% with what you said there – HD will be lucky if they sell more than 150 motorcycles a year. I am a motorcycle enthusiast in India, a single bachelor earning 30 times the Indian average salary but will never put my money on a Sportster or a Street Bob. The idea of paying 110% more than the US price is hard to digest – besides, air cooled Harleys are not meant for the Indian weather, unless getting your legs burned is one’s idea of fun.