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Reading Between the Lines

Just before I left for vacation, I reported that an informed source had told me that the board members and top executives at Harley-Davidson were considering whether or not to keep Buell Motorcycles as part of the Harley-Davidson corporation.  Naturally, I became the most hated man in Buell World for a day or two.  Court Canfield even dropped in to tell me what an ass I am.

Now, I haven’t had a chance to catch up with my source since I got back from Alaska, but I did notice this story in Friday’s Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.  And when I did, I also noticed this line near the bottom of the story:

Erik Buell said he didn’t renew his employment contract with Harley-Davidson, although he isn’t planning on retiring.

Probably means nothing.  No doubt there are any number of sound reasons why Erik Buell didn’t renew his employment contract with the MoCo.  I am curious, though, as to what they might be.

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