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R1300RT Rumors


When people find this blog through web searches, the absolute number one search that brings traffic here is a search for the notional BMW R1300RT.  Now, this may be because I’m nearly the only-English-language web site to pull a story from the French Motosports web site MotoRevu about BMW releasing a bike of that very name in 2010. If so, it’s only natural that I get so much traffic from that search, because I have about the only content that matches it…in English, anyway.

The thing is, as near as I can tell, there is no hard information about a new generation of BMW boxer engines for 2010.  And, to the extent there is, the most likely move is to a 1250cc boxer, not a 1300cc one.  Oberdan Bezzi, the Italian motorcycle designer says that BMW’s next move is for the R1250GS, with and RT version coming a bit later.  And BMW’s changes since the 1990s to the R-bikes have been 50cc bumps in displacement.  That makes a 1250 more likely than a 1300 for the next-gen R-bikes.

But, of course, that’s just a rumor, too.

The bottom line is that, as of September 2009, there’s no firm indication of a change to the R1200-series bikes coming in 2010.  And if there is one, BMW will announce it in the next 60 days or so.  But, right now, all the rumors about a new R-bike are just that…rumors.

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One Response to R1300RT Rumors

  • On Saturday 5th September I was discussing purchasing a second-hand R1200RT at my local BMW dealer – the guy I was speaking to happened to be the owner of the dealership.  I suggested that the R12RT second-hand values may drop a little when the R1300RT comes out, and so it may be worth a waiting little.
    He said something along the lines of “Yeah, sure that’s very possible – but then again BMWs are becoming more and more popular with new types of riders.  When all the promotion and marketing for the R13RT hits the press people may check it out, decide its too expensive and look for a second-hand R12RT. This is exactly what had happened with the K1300S bikes, as soon as they were out people bought all our K12S’s, bumping up their values
    Not exactly a firm confirmation, but he was comfortable with my assumption of a new R13RT for 2010.