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2010 Can-Am Spyder RT


It was a test ride of the original, pre-production Can-Am Spyder that got me back into motorcycling a few years ago, after a long hiatus.  So, it’s nice to see Can-Am isn’t just standing still when it comes to updating the trike.  Indeed, for 2010, they’ve taken a big step forward.

2010 Can-Am Spyder RT

2010 Can-Am Spyder RT

In addition to the Roadster, and the semi-automatic-trannied SE5, Can-Am has an all-new RT touring model for 2010.  The Spyder RT has, in addition to the big trunk up front, a touring trunk with passenger backrest and full saddlebags in the rear, as well.  They’ve also completely revamped the lighting, making this tadpole trike almost impossible to miss, with 4 headlights, running lights, etc.

It also has an optional trailer package–color-matched–with 22 ft3 of storage.

That’s a lot of storage.

The RT will come in three versions: a silver base model with a manual transmission, And Audio & Convenience version in silver or blue, with your choice of transmissions, or the RT-S, shown here, which has all the goodies, and a special paint job and styling.

With all the extra gear, Can-Am has also re-tuned the engine to offer more torque and a bit less horsepower, with the Rotax 991cc V-twin putting out 80 lb-ft. @ 5500 RPM, and 100 hp @ 7500 RPM.

No price has been mentioned yet, but we’ll probably learn that at the formal rollout in Quebec on 9-10 September.

Motorcycle-USA has more details.

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