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Those BMW Guys Get All the Nice Stuff


BMW and Garmin have released a new motorcycle navigation device for BMW motorcycles, the BMW Navigator IV. It sounds very nice.

With a new slim design and custom BMW four-button mount cradle, the BMW Navigator IV includes a bright widescreen 4.3 inch display and waterproof design, configurable fields and display, stereo Bluetooth for hands-free calling, turn-by-turn directions and lane assist features with lane guidance and junction view.

 BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

BMW Motorrad Navigator IV

Of course, it’s specifically designed to be used while wearing gloves, too. It’s also got a lane assist feature that guides you through multiple lanes, and even displays road signs on the screen that look like the actual signs you see over the highway.

And, since it’s a BMW device, plan on shelling out about $1,000 for it, too.

BMWs are really the Swiss Army Knives of motorcycles.  BMW riders get spoken, turn by turn navigation through their Bluetooth-linked helmets.  Meanwhile, a gentleman such as myself, who rides an FJR, has to carry around paper maps like an animal.

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2 Responses to Those BMW Guys Get All the Nice Stuff

  • Isn’t this just the new Garmin Zumo 660 with BMW-specific branding? I just noticed the 660 was announced at the start of the month, Garmin’s website says MSRP is US$800. So you can have one on your FJR. 🙂

  • But the BMW one has four extra buttons on the side.  That’s $100 per button, and as any BMW rider will tell you, it’s worth every penny.