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No Smog Testing in California

A bill was wending its way through the California legislature that would mandate regular emissions testing for motorcycles in the state.  Senate Bill 435 proposed to make emissions testing mandatory for motorcycles, on the same basis as cars.

But, the legislature has dropped hearings on it for the 2009 session.  it’s a two-year bill, which means it’s still not dead, and can be resurrected in the 2010 session.  But for now, motorcycle smog checks have been tabled in California.

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One Response to No Smog Testing in California

  • Huh. For some dumb reason I thought Cali. already required smog checks for motorcycles. I guess they don’t check the emission control systems on bikes there even though they requir them. Good to know they aren’t yet hindering what’s already an eco-friendly mode of transportation compared to most of the other options.