Buell Releases Factory Racer

Buell 1125RR Racing Bike
Buell 1125RR Racing Bike

Buell’s 1125 has been racing for a couple of years now, and not without some success.  The race bike version, the 1125rr has been limited to the various Buell racing teams, though.  Until now.

Buell has announced that the 1125RR is now being released as a factory racer.  It won’t go to the general public, but it will be available to licensed racers.  So, you won’t be seeing it on the street, but you could be taking one out on the track, if you have the appropriate credentials.

How does it differ from the regular 1125?  Well,  according to Buell:

The Buell 1125RR features a modified Helicon 1125cc 103mm bore x 67.5mm stroke liquid-cooled 72-degree V-Twin engine. Power increases come from components including a larger airbox and intake manifold, revised valves and camshafts, a higher compression ratio, titanium exhaust system and other weight-reduced components.

Now, I’m not all that interested in a race bike–most people aren’t, after all, but I really like the looks of that fairing.  It’s about 1,000 times better than the street version’s odd fairing and forward scoops.  That’s not an uncommon complaint, and if you have a Buell 1125, maybe you’re thinking I’d rather have that fairing than the stock one on my bike.

Well, you can. It’s Buell part number M2000B.08AZ.  Apparently it’s some high-quality, lightweight fiberglass deal.  At least it better be high-quality, since it costs $1,499.00.  But if you want it, you can have it on your bike.