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The Butcher’s Bill

North County House of Motorcycles has presented me–and the insurance adjuster–with the estimate for the repair of my FJR.  $6,500.

At that price, I doubt the insurance company will total it.  But the adjuster said that the payment would be coming quickly, so the repairs can be completed within a week or two.

So, finally, after two months, I’ll have a motorcycle to ride again!

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2 Responses to The Butcher’s Bill

  • Dang Dale – don’t know if I’m happy for you or sad.  Sounds like you were really hoping for a BMW K bike, but at least you will have a bike again.  At any rate, here’s hoping that the repairs go well (and fast). 

    How are your wounds healing?

  • Yeah, I’d like a K-bike.  Heck, once the full settlement comes through…I may get one.

    But at this point, I’d be happy to ride anything.  Two months without riding hasn’t been fun.

    I’m healing up OK.  I’m still in physical therapy for the wrist for two more weeks, and my toenail finally came off two days ago, but I’m almost back to 100%.