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Now THAT’S a Chopper!

Below, I write about the Honda Fury, and their try at making a radically designed chopper.  It doesn’t quite cut it.  Meanwhile, extreme rake excepted, the guys at Victory are getting the job done.  They’ve unveiled a new concept bike called the CORE.

Victory Chopper

Victory Chopper

It’s just a concept bike right now, but apparently it’s the basis for a new generation of naked bikes from Victory.  No compromises on this beast.  It sports heat wrapped straight pipes, hardtail frame, and instead of the little 1300cc VTX engine, it’s the full 1o6ci (1731cc) air-cooled Victory twin.

One notable difference between the Victory Vision Street and Tour production motorcycles and the CORE Concept Motorcycle is the absolute absence of bodywork on the CORE. In fact, the concept bike’s frame is the body, incorporating fuel, air-box, battery box and the entire electrical system. Maintaining the minimalist theme, the motorcycle is a rigid frame without rear suspension and features a contoured mahogany seat. The overall impression is a thin, low, sharp and purposeful motorcycle that is elemental and fierce at the same time.

I imagine that the lack of a rear suspension would make sitting on that hard seat a bit more painful than it has to be, but overall, this an Epic Win as far as I’m concerned.  In looks, at least, if not in rider comfort.

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