It’s All About The Torque

That’s the main characteristic of diesel engines.  “Meh” horsepower, but brutal torque.  As a result, you don’t see many motorcycles with diesel engines.  Oh, there’ve been a  few, of course, but mostly as limited-quantity specialty bikes, or concepts.

EVA Trak Diesel Motorcycle
EVA Trak Diesel Motorcycle

But now, a Dutch manufacturer, E.V.A, plans to produce a diesel-powered adventurer tourer this year.  Called the “Trak”, this bike will be powered by an 800cc turbo diesel with a CVT transmission (No shifting?). It’ll weight about 500 pounds dry, and put out 54 horsepower and 74 ft/lbs of torque at–get ready for it–1800RPM.  That’s an engine speed that barely registers on the tach of a modern sportbike.  It also has optional ABS brakes.  Although not shown in this picture, EVA will have a nice set of aluminum luggage to mount on it, hence the “tourer” in “adventure tourer”.

It’s not the prettiest motorcycle in the world, but it apparently does have one big advantage, which is a claimed 100 miles per gallon.  That assumes you’re running the bike on diesel.  According to EVA, it will also run on vegetable oil.  With a 6-gallon tank, a 500+ mile range is pretty respectable.  You won’t get there fast, but you’ll certainly get there cheaply.

You will not, alas, get the bike cheaply.  EVA’s planned MSRP on the Trak is €17,500, which comes out to somewhere in the vicinity of $25,000 at the current rate of exchange.  So, you’ll have to ride it a lot to offset the steep sticker price with fuel savings.

EVA plans to release the bike in Europe first, but it could be coming to the US in September of this year.

Author: Dale Franks

Dale Franks is the former host of The Business Day, ”a daily, four-hour business and financial news program on KMNY Radio in Los Angeles. From 2002-2004, he was a contributor on military and international affairs for Currently, he a publisher and editor of the monthly political journal The New Libertarian, as well as an editor of the popular web log, Q and O. Dale served as a military police officer in the United States Air Force from 1984 to 1993, in variety of assignments both in the United States and Europe, where he also was assigned to the staff of the Headquarters of Allied Forces Central Europe. In addition to broadcasting, writing, and speaking on various topics, Dale has also been a long-time technical training instructor on a variety of computer software and technology subjects. Dale has also long been involved with information technology as an accomplished web designer, programmer, and technologist, serving as the corporate knowledge specialist for Microsoft Outlook at SAIC, the nation's largest employee-owned corporation. Additionally, he is the author of a number of software user guides used for classroom training by one of Southern California’'s premier computer training and consulting firms. His book, SLACKERNOMICS: Basic Economics for People Who Find Economics Boring, is available from Barnes & Noble.