Honda Fury: All the rage of a…bunny.

All right.  I admit it.  I’m not that much of a chopper guy.  Some of them look OK, and have fantastic paint jobs.  On the whole, though, they strike me as inconvenient with their tiny little gas tanks.  And they don’t seem very maneuverable, with 70° of rake, and wheelbase as long as a Cadillac’s.  There are some functional problems with that cool chopper look. The other drawback has always been price.  Choppers are essentially custom motorcycles with a custom price tag.

Honda Vury: Right Side
Honda Fury: Right Side

But, Honda is addressing the price problem with a new factory chopper called the Fury.

The guys over at Gizmag are writing about it.

hough no-one outside Honda has ridden it yet, we’d suggest that it will be the best handling, sweetest running, most comfortable, most reliable chopper the world has yet seen, lacking just one thing – a Harley Davidson badge.

That’s not the only thing it’s lacking, but we’ll address that in a minute.  Gizmag continues…

Sketches from Honda’s trademark application for the Fury have been circulating across motorcycle news magazines around the world recently, and we’ve gotta say that the first reaction amongst the motorcyclists on the Gizmag team was … why?

The Japanese big four bike manufacturers have been chipping away at the Harley Davidson market for decades, and we thought that it had already been proven that you can build a better Harley in every respect, add more cubes and take full page adverts in all the magazines, but it still won’t be a Harley Davidson. You can even build it in America, but it still won’t be a real Harley.

Perhaps the regular winds of change and the passing of time that slowly soften and dissipate long-held, deeply-rooted, emotionally-based attitudes and prejudices within certain population groups will prove us wrong, but … we’re still wondering why now we’ve seen it.

Honda Fury: Left Side
Honda Fury: Left Side

I’m wondering, too, especially after looking at the left side of the bike.


There’s something non-choppery, and too high-tech about that look.  The way the engine and tranny mates to the frame has a weird, science-fiction look to it.

It’s too finished, too…perfectly formed for a chopper.  Too refined, but in an unpleasantly styled way.

But that’s not the worse thing.  I mean, sure, the styling alone is enough to ensure that no Harley guy will want to touch it with a 10-foot cattle prod.  But as Steve, at BikerNewsOnline notes:

I knew it all along, this new Honda Fury that everyone’s been raving about is just another VTX. They took their VTX 1300 engine (1312cc, 52°) and slapped it on a different chassis.

And now metric fanatics are saying this is going to erode away at Harley’s market.

Yeah, right, as if the VTX ever eroded away at Harley’s market.

And there you go, in a nutshell.  Honda slapped a VTX1300 engine into a chopper frame, and then  writes it up like it’s the King Hell chopper they’ve got coming off the factory floor.  And, the Honda riders who already like the VTX will probably buy some.

But this isn’t the thin wedge of Honda’s cracking of the Harley market.  It’s just a segmentation of the already existing VTX market.

But, if you want an aggressively styled VTX, I’m sure you’ll love this.

Author: Dale Franks

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8 thoughts on “Honda Fury: All the rage of a…bunny.”

  1. Do you think the other chopper builders make their own engines? They “slap” someone else’s, often a Honda, sometimes a VTX1300, into their creations.  “Too finished”, “too refined”…harsh criticism indeed!  “No Harley guy would touch it”… hardly a news flash-obviously, it’s Japanese made.  What you’re looking at is probably the highest quality, most rideable chopper ever built and it will cost about a third as much as the average chopper.

    1. Do you think the other chopper builders make their own engines? They “slap” someone else’s, often a Honda, sometimes a VTX1300, into their creations.

      Really? I usually see 1600cc Evos in Choppers.

      “Too finished”, “too refined”…harsh criticism indeed!


      It’s an aesthetic judgement. Your mileage may vary. You like Hondas, do you John?

  2. I don’t think the pupose of this bike is too take away any more of Harley’s market share. Even with all the cool new styles that have come out of HD lately they’ve already missed the boat on the “Production” chopper market by not giving the rocker a more aggressive look. I think this  bike is intended to give daydreaming “chopper owning wannabees” something they can actually afford. True chopper or not these  will be all sold before they ever hit the showroom.  But your right about the Whole VTX thing. If they truly wanted a hardcore bike they should have slapped a much bigger engine in this. 

  3. I’ve heard about this thing actually.. Shame Yamaha won’t do a similar up-to-date chopper. I know several people who would love to get their hands on these things (and proceed to rip them apart and rebuild em) 🙂

  4. There is a new site now dedicated to the discussion of the Honda Fury… it is a forum website where people that have placed deposits are gathering to discuss the upcoming bike.

    If you are a future Fury owner, come join us at

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