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Five. Count ’em. Five.

Stellan Egelund of Sweden was commissioned by Triumph to build a cafe racer out of the…wait for it…Rocket III.  Triumph is going to make five of these motorcycles, and all five of them will be sold in Sweden.

This is what Egelund came up with.

Egelund Rocket Cafe Racer

Egelund Rocket Cafe Racer

All I can say is, that must be one hell of a cafe racer.  Going the dark custom route works really well for the Rocket, in my opinion.  It really does minimize the brutish look of the tractor engine that runs the thing, and that big ol’ radiator almost seems to disappear.  I like it a lot.

The “bear claw” is gone from the left side of the bike, too.  The air filters are fully exposed.

Those air filters exposed like that are badass.

Those air filters exposed like that are badass.

I like the looks of this bike a lot.  And with 161hp, and 160lb/ft of tourque, I bet it’s a hoot to ride, too.  I bet Triumph is charging a pretty penny for this factory custom.

And that doesn’t even include the air fare to Stockholm to buy one.

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