Not So Fast…

I was hoping that by now, I could be looking forward to getting my fixed, and start riding again.  But nothing, apparently, is ever easy.

Last week, CNA insurance sent out the adjuster to look at the bike.  When he was done, I dropped a C-note on a towing compnay to take the FJR to North County House of Motorcycles.  They did their estimate, the adjuster agreed, and sent off the estimate to CNA, the insurer for the compnay whose driver ran into me.

So, on Friday, the shop called me and said they needed approval from me and the insurance company to make repairs.  So, I called the guy at CNA who’s handling the claim and asked him what was up.  He said, “We still haven’t decided to accept liability, so we can’t authorize any repairs.”

I started to get steamed “What do you mean you haven’t accepted liability?  How much of a liability question can there be?  I was on a divided four-lane avenue, and your guy came out of a side street, through a stop sign, and hit me from the side. You have the police report that states that your driver was at fault for the accident and was cited for failure to yield at a stop sign.”

He replied, “Did the police see the accident?”

Screw you, insurance boy.  I called my laywer.  Today, she got hold of the liability supervisor at CNA, and had a chat.  She told him that now, two months after the accident, and after authorizing an adjuster to do an estimate, it’s pretty frickin’ late in the game to be dithering over whether they are gonna accept liability or not.  It’s looking like a stall tactic.  So, if we don’t here anything from CNA by COB Friday, we’ll just file a lawsuit next week.  So the CNA guy said if they couldn’t find anything contradicting the police report by Friday, they’d accept the police report as proof of liability.

She also got my insurance company, Geico, on the phone, and gave them a heads up that if CNA didn’t authorize the repairs, we’d be going through my insurance with Geico, and that they could battle with CNA over getting the repair money.

So, I have to wait for the rest of the week now to see if the bike is going to get fixed by CNA.  If not, I have to pay my deductible for my insurance, and wait until Geico gets the money off of CNA to re-imburse me for the deductible.

As far as I can see, though, CNA is deliberately dragging their ass to put off paying for the damage their insured imposed upon me.

I am frickin’ livid.