It’s All in the Marketing

You gotta hand it to Harley-Davidson, boy.  They rarely m iss a step when it comes to marketing, especially in terms of rider outreach.  I don’t know of any other company that interacts with the riding community  so seriously, and with such a keen eye towards building the brand than the MoCo does.

And they’re doing it again.

Share Your Spark: A Guide to Mentoring is a tool kit the Motor Company developed for current and aspiring riders featuring information on how to be a resource and support system to others during their motorcycling journey. The mentoring kit includes information for both potential mentors and mentees, including a DVD showcasing tips on how to become or find a mentor, stories from successful mentoring experiences, a special Share Your Spark pin and a planning and reflection guide.

Grab younger riders by hooking them up with older riders who can positively reinforce the idea that the Harley-Davidson is the best motorcycle ever!

Nobody is as successful at this as HD.  I mean, with BMW, while there are plenty of rider events in that community, the company’s attitude seems to be that, if BMW has to come looking for you, then you’re probably not the kind of person they want to associate with anyway.  Honda…well, they don’t do much at all anymore.  Not only did they cancel the Honda Hoot, their bike line-up changes at a geological pace.  It seems like all they care about selling you is a Gold Wing.

HD, though, is hyperactive in their contacts with the riding community.