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Wrecked (Updated)

I was almost home.

I turned off of Center City onto El Norte Parkway, and as I was crossing Escondido Boulevard, I saw him pull out.  I could see the driver very clearly, or rather, I could see the back of his head.  With two lanes of traffic and a turn lane approaching him from his left, he was looking to the right to see what traffic was coming that way.  I was in the edge of right lane, and I pulled into the left lane in an attempt to go around him, but it was too late.

He hit me on the right side, impacting the right touring bag, just behind my leg. The rear of the bike was knocked out out to the left, and, fortunately, low-sided on the right side.  It did a 270-degree spin on the ground, ending up on the right side, laying perpendicular to the lane.

The left side of my right shin got whacked against the fairing, giving me a softball-sized bump on the shin.  I guess I put out my hand to help break my fall, so the bone at the base of the hand, near the thumb is bruised up.

I was thrown clear of the bike at some point, and the impact drove the edge of my composite toe on my left boot right into the base of my big toenail, which I expect I’ll lose, in due course, and my left knee got wrenched a little bit, probably from rolling on the ground. I remember my helmet hitting the pavement and sliding along a bit,  and thinking, “Man, I’m glad I have a full face helmet.”

Fortunately, I was wearing–as I always do–full gear:  Olympia Motosports armored jacket and pants.  So, no road rash, or anything like that.

As far as the bike goes, the right footpeg was sheared off.  The right touring bag destroyed, and the mountings bent pretty badly.  Right mirror bent into uselessness, part of the fairing badly scratched.

Fortunately, my frame slider took the brunt of the slide damage, with about one inch and a half ground off, and the mounting bent.

I rode her home, with my right foot hanging off the right passenger footpeg.

I’m pretty bruised up, and my toe is killing me.  I think I might be in a lot more pain tomorrow, and probably won’t make it to the Long Beach motorcycle show.

Mirror Damage

Mirror Damage

 Missing Footpeg

Missing Footpeg

Ground Slider

Ground Slider

Trashed Bag

Trashed Bag

Trashed Bag and Muffler

Trashed Bag and Muffler

Broken Fairing and Mirror Mounting

Broken Fairing and Mirror Mounting

Ow! Ow! Ow!

Ow! Ow! Ow!

I just know I’m gonna lose that toenail.  Dammit.

Fortunately, the other driver is–or, perhaps, was–a commercial livery driver, so they have full insurance coverage.


It’s 4:50 am on Saturday morning.  I just got back from the emergency room.

Turns out my toe is really broken.   It wouldn’t stop bleeding last evening, so at about 11:00pm, I went to Palomar Medical Center to have them look me over.  The verdict:  Broken left big toe, bruised right shin,  hyperextended left knee ligaments, bruised wrist.

Anyway, I’m now in one of those fiberglass ankle and foot splint dealies, and the doc says I’ll probably be in it for about 6 weeks.  On the plus side, my prescription zipped right past Vicodin, and on to Percoset.  I took one a few minutes ago.  In another 20, I expect to be seeing the other side of consciousness.

Cripes, but my toe hurts!  And, oh, yeah, that big toenal’s coming off.

Anyway, now, I have to make a doctor’s appointment for Monday so my regular doc can look me over.  And I might need physical therapy for my left knee, and see an orthopedist.

All because one idiot–and a professional driver at that–couldn’t be bothered to look both ways at a stop sign.

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6 Responses to Wrecked (Updated)

  • Glad you survived the accident. Apparently all your gear is working. Were you wearing the HJC SYMAX 2 modular helmet? I wore mine today for the first time. I liked it. I also like your websites new look.

  • Yeah, I was wearing that helmet. It saved me from becoming a broccoli floret when my forehead hit the pavement.

  • Dale, I’m very sorry to hear you and your nice FJR was damaged. OTH I’m glad your injuries are not more serious.

    I have an HJC Symax I, so I was particularly glad to hear your HJC functioned correctly.

    Were you wearing a ‘motorcycle boot’? I wear a military type leather combat boot, not one made for bikes. I’ve wondered if I’d be better off to spring for one made for motorcycles.

  • Well, Jim, I was wearing a pair of Magnum composite-toe safety boots, not really a dedicated motorcycle boot.

    I think what happened is that when I got thrown from the bike, my left boot hit the ground with such force that it bent the toe of the boot back so far that the edge of the safety toe snapped my toe.

    So, I guess you gotta balance out the protection of from getting your toes smashed with the danger of what happened to me.

    I’ve been thinking now of getting a pair of Sidi boots to prevent something similar from happening in the future.

    As far as the Symax helmet goes, I’m an even bigger fan of HJC helmets than I was.

  • Hello Dale,

    Sorry for your pain, but glad it’s not a whole lot worse. Congratulations on the wearing the helmet and jacket, especially since 80% of all motorcycle accidents are caused by the car driver.

    Any plans to go to church soon, to give thanks?

  • Any plans to go to church soon, to give thanks?

    I might have, if it wasn’t for the fact that God thought it would be such a hoot to make the guy ram me in the first place.