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The Return of Norton?

Take a look at the motorcycle below.  Take a good look.  It is a 1991 Norton Commander F1.

1991 Norton Commander F1

1991 Norton Commander F1

This is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built.  It was powered by a 588cc twin-rotary Wankel engine. I think the 588cc is a bit of a misnomer.  It was a twin wankel, so it would more properly be an 1176cc equivalent.

This bike took the racing world by storm in the last few years of Norton’s existence. The civilian version of it originally cost about $48,000.  And they still sold like hotcakes.  There are currently about 60 left in the world.

For now.

Brit businessman Stuart garner already owns Norton racing, and he intends to buy all of the remaining parts of the old Norton Motorcycle Co., that are now for sale.  Garner has already built a brand new version of the twin-rotary Norton, and has created a racing team that will be entering the new bike at the Isle of Man TT race in 2009.

Norton NER 588 Racer

Norton NRV 588 Racer

Garner seems serious about bringing Norton back to life. In addition to the NRV 588, he’s also producing a new version of the Norton Commando.

2008 Norton Commando 961SS

2008 Norton Commando 961SS

In addition to the Commando, Garner says he intends to bring the rotary commander back to life, too.  it will be a road-going version of the NRV 588.

I just hopes he takes his styling cues from the 1991 F1, and brings that magically beautiful bike back to life again.

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