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It sure has seemed like a long week.  I went back to work Tuesday, and, of course, at work I can’t take any of the percosets I was given by the doctor on Friday.  I’m reduced to Tylenol for pain-killing during the day.

Tylenol is worthless.

Oddly enough, it isn’t the broken toe that gives me trouble, it’s the horribly bruised right shin that’s killing me.  It’s still swollen to about 1/4 larger than its normal size, and the hematoma now spreads all the way down to the sole of my foot.  My ankle bones have disappeared in all the swelling.

If I do any prolonged sitting or prolonged standing, the leg starts to hurt like the blazes again.  So, every hour or so, I’ve got to get up and hobble around on my cane for a few minutes, to get things unsettled and recirculating.  Just sitting or standing, and the fluid from the hematoma and swelling start to migrate with gravity towards my foot.  And that, in turn, irritates my leg as it migrates.

Every day, I gotta just suck it up until I can get home and take a percoset, and dull everything down to a mild throb, so I can get to sleep.

My left knee still has a few twinges and weakness, but it’s getting back to normal.

The toe is still really, really swollen, but I got the big splint off of it, and I’m wearing one of those open-toed orthopedic hard shoes.  The toe doesn’t bother me minute to minute, but about three times a day, i still whack it in to something hard enough to see starts for a few seconds.  The toenail is a total write off.  The swelling is so bad that the toenail is just sitting on top of my toe like the cork in a champaign bottle.

Yesterday, I noticed a little blood was seeping out through my sock again.  I went into the bathroom at work, and while I was manipulating my toe, trying to get a better look at it, I must have popped off the scab at the edge of my toenail, and about a tablespoon of blood and fluid came pouring out of the edge of the toenail.  That was kind of icky.  Once it stopped bleeding, and scabbed over again, the swelling came back full force, though, so the toe now is all boated and round again.

So, that’s been my week.  What a joy.

There was some good news though.  I got a call right at 5:00pm today from the police department, letting me know that my police report was finished.  So, that part of the waiting is over.  Now I can go pick it up, and get a copy to my lawyer, so they can begin the settlement talks with the stop-sign-running idiot’s company insurance carrier.

I also went to the local BMW dealership–I’m fortunate enough to have one right here in town–and looked at a K1200GT.  I’m really kind of interested in the new K1300GT as a replacement for the FJR.  I asked a few questions, but they didn’t really know much about them.  They said they should be getting them in in February.

I still can’t lift my leg enough to actually sit on a bike yet, so all I could do was look, but, man, those BMWs have every bell and whistle imagineable on a touring bike.  WHo knows how long it’ll take to get this insurance claim sorted out, and for me to get back to 100% for riding, so a February delivery of the new K13GT might be just at the right time.

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3 Responses to Recovering

  • Dale, you may want to have an ultrasound on that leg to look for clots, too. I had a grapefruit-sized lump on my shin from banging my leg twice in the same place and the doctor was pretty concerned due to the size and location. Apparently with so little meat on the lower leg (relative to other limb sections), clotting is common enough to be a concern. Fortunately nothing came of mine, but I was 6+ weeks with some amount of swelling and bruising from that.

    Best of luck healing up. Following your choices on ST.N about replacement bike; I’m something of an FJR snob and you already know how much of a kick-ass machine that is. I’d be really tempted to just replace it with another one.


  • Hey, the pain will eventually go away, glad to hear that your injuries were not life threatening.